Germany walked on foot - a walk through Germany

On these pages you will find a description of a walked tour through Germany, from the most Northern to the most Southern point. No switches to ferry, bus or similar are made, not once. The whole path can be walked on foot. All legs are set up as day trips. In total the tour exists of 60 legs in the end, until today though it are only 45.

The next pages are meant to give you an impression of the background behind this tour. Additionally all legs are discussed in more or less detail, incl. GPS data, so you have the possibility to walk each leg partly or as a whole. With the appropriate software you can of course modify any leg at libitum.

With my contribution I hope to help in the search for suitable day hikes. And I hope to give a stimulation to experience this beautiful country a completely different way. I would often like to grasp a scenery, literally, to feel the landscape. These sites should help you to get this same gut feeling, to have seen something beautiful and to have reached something.

Have fun!!

Background behind this walking tour